Impact 1 (finished 23 august morning)

Vocabulary and phrase

1) to fire up: to start a piece of equipment

2) trench warfare: a long and difficult battle that does not seem like it will ever have a winner.

During the holiday season, competition among retailers is like trench warfare.

3) to turn things over: if you turn things over to some one or some thing at a meeting or event, you are letting that person have everyone’s attention.

4) We’ve been playing defense for too long, and it’s time we wen on the offensive.

5)  do a jigsaw 做拼图游戏


Voice and emphasis

– pause in the right place, speak slowly, use a few expressions and phrases to add extra emphasis to your presentation.
– intonation:
the yes/no questions have a rising intonation. Ex: are you free for diner?
the Wh (why, what, where, when, who …) question have a falling intonation. Ex: what are you doing later?
Basically, in English the intonation goes down at the end of the idea. (rising intonation at the beginning of the phrase and falling intonation at the end of the phrase).
– stress


To wrap something up: to conclude something
To come of age: to grow up, reach maturity
Handy : useful
Absorb. There was so many information to absorb in my presentation, so I think the audience started to fall asleep.

To digress which means to change to another subject. If I can digress for just a moment, what about our plans for the new office?

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This is the economic price, market price and psychological price, let’s study up each of these in more detail.

Emphasizing a previous point:
Thinking back the sales projections for the next decade that we saw on a previous slide …

go off

(a) (of an actor) leave the stage (指演员)退场, 下场: Hamlet goes off stage left. 哈姆雷特从舞台左侧退下. 
(b) be fired; explode 开火; 爆炸: The gun went off by accident. 那枪走火了. * The bomb went off in a crowded street. 炸弹在熙来攘往的街道上爆炸了. 
(c) make a sudden loud noise; be sounded 突然发出巨响; 发出声音: The thieves ran away when the burglar alarm went off. 防盗警报器一响, 盗贼立刻逃走了. 
(d) (of electric power, a light, etc) stop functioning or operating (指电力)中断; (指电灯等)熄灭: Suddenly the lights went off. 灯光突然熄灭了. * The heating goes off at night. 供暖设备在夜间停止运作. 
(e) (infml) fall asleep 入睡: Hasn’t the baby gone off yet? 孩子睡著了吗? 
(f) become unfit to eat or drink; go bad 变得不适於食用或饮用; 变坏: This milk has gone off, ie has turned sour. 这牛奶已变质. 
(g) become worse in quality; deteriorate 质量变坏; 恶化: Her books have gone off in recent years. 近年来她写的书质量下降了.

Blockbuster: adjective that describes something that is hugely successful. “There weren’t that blockbuster movies this year, but Rush Hour 3 was definitely one of them-it had spectacular profits.

Embody a commitment. Embody means to represent or symbolize