FT Lex 04 august Weekend

For English learning propose.

tout: to talk about (something or someone) as being very good, effective, skillful, etc.

spin: the act of turning around and around : an act of spinning [noncount]

nimble: able to move quickly, easily, and lightly

doldrums: a state or period of sadness or depression

potash: a form of potassium that is used especially to improve soil or to make soap


This week, world’s second and third-largest advertising groups Omnicom and Publicis announced they will combine. Shareholder of these 2 groups expect to benefit from touted $500m annual synergies. At the same time, the created $23bn colossus needs to find a solution to make it nimble to meet its clients’ demand in a fast-changing business.


Singapore bank decided to walk away from its plan to buy Indonesia’s Bank Danamon for $7bn, and hopes to develop its own local business to tap the potential of the Indonesia’s market.


Lloyds bank looks to be out of the doldrums, by lending more and doing so more profitably.


Results from the car-makers suggest they may be over the worst even if the banks are not.  Peugeot and Volkswagen both posted better than expected first-half results this week.




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