Letter to Stranger

Sample Networking Letter to a Stranger

You can use the template below to customize a personal letter to someone you don’t know, a letter that will help you grow your valuable network.

Dear [contact’s name],

I am writing to you at the recommendation of Susan Smith. Susan knows of my interest in the publishing industry and in that context mentioned your recent promotion to Senior Editor. Congratulations.

I am currently exploring new opportunities in this field as I seek to advance in my career. I do not expect you to have an opening, but would love to seek your advice. With your vast experience, I am hoping that you can help me gain a broader knowledge of the new directions in which our field is moving.

I would love the opportunity to meet you for coffee or buy you lunch while I learn from your experience. If your schedule does not allow for that, I would gladly make myself available to come to your office for the briefest of meetings.

I will give your secretary a call in a few days to see what you have available. Many thanks to you in advance for your help.

Kind regards,

[Your name]

By using this simple template, you will soon feel comfortable and competent in the art of job networking.

via Letter to Stranger.

via Letter to Stranger.


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