FT news

(source from F.T.)


  1. Chinese house price continue to decrease, following the measures taken by government to tam the property market and the warning made by Wen jiabao last week.
  2. 45 out of 70 large and mid-sized cities tracked by the government saw a fall in new home prices month on month in February.



  1. Greece wants to stay in E.U. How Politician can ensure that the reform works well and this is the last restructuring for Greek Sovereign debt?
  2. Greece’s caretaker prime minister said Greece needs crucial structural and fiscal reform in order to avoid another debt restructuring, in spite of near-daily anti-austerity demonstrations by protester hit by deep salary and pension cuts.



  1. Starbucks needs reinforce its business strategy in order to be really international profitable.
  2. Starbucks’ margins are very low in Europe and its Asian business are still tiny relative to its over business. Starbucks wants take a powerful american brand and work it globally like McDonald whose margins are almost as high in Europe as in the US and whose business outside the US and Europe accounts one fifth of its global sales.
  3. Starbucks needs:
  • stay in the game (in its core business)
  • rethink its strategy in Asian market with great potential
  • catch its margins in Europe up with that in the US

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