China’s past needs to be rewritten –

China’s past needs to be rewritten –

1. China’s schoolchildren are being taught a version of history that is strongly nationalist. The official narrative is that their country was once ruthlessly exploited by rapacious foreigners. Ex: opium war of 1840. but Chinese civil war is given relatively cursory treatment. China should start to examine the history of their own country in the  20th century in a more honest and open fashion.

2. Europe and the US people and leaders know few about china’s past history and should do much more to educate their children about the long history of China.

Readers’ Comments :

1. All countries downplay the negative aspects of their history and china is no different. The point is that nationalism when inculcated in a prudent fashion serves the government’s propose of bring political stability to a nation never distant from the risk of rupture.

2. In china, nationalism is the very tonic substance that drives the Chinese people to industriousness and acceptance of enormous sacrifices. This is how a great nation is built. The west need not have forebodings, respect for national sovereignty is ingrained in Chinese culture.


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